What To Wear To Your Session


What to Wear for Family Photos:

Tips to make sure everyone looks great


Feeling frustrated long before you show up to your photo session? You’re not alone! Almost all my clients seem to struggle with the same question: What should we wear for family photos?

Well, let’s start with what NOT to wear. Don’t go matchy-matchy. Resist the urge to dress everyone in white T-shirts and jeans, or all black and white. You want everyone’s personalities to show, get CREATIVE!

My rule of thumb? “Complement and coordinate.” Think about it in terms of dominant and accent colors. Each person can wear a different, complementary dominate color, and you coordinate with your accent colors! This will break up the color visually and highlight each personality.

Mom, start with your outfit. Choose something that makes you feel your best and feel comfortable. Why? As they say, if momma isn’t happy, no one’s happy. (Also, you’re probably the one who’s reading this and will do all the work setting up the photoshoot and making sure everyone has something to wear. Treat yourself! You deserve it.) The color palette/style of mom’s outfit should determine what everyone else will wear

Want some more tips to make sure everyone looks great? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Patterns are fine, but avoid tiny patterns and be sure to limit them to one or two people. If you want to mix, some mixing can be ok but be careful, too many patterns will make everything look busy.

Don’t be afraid to add layers for dimension – think jean jackets, cardigans, scarves or belts.

Remember, accessories can make your outfits complete, plus you can easily pull off multiple looks in one shoot by switching up your jewelry. (Just keep accessories on babies and toddlers to a minimum because it can swallow them on camera.)

Think beyond colors. Textures (a knitted scarf, corduroy pants, furry vest, etc.) can really make things pop.

If you’re having trouble, lay out all your options and take photos so you can compare or get opinions from friends.

Plan ahead! This should go without saying, but make sure everyone’s clothes are clean and wrinkle free. (Don’t wait until the last minute!) And, be sure to try everything on! Make sure you or your kids won’t have to continually adjust or fidget with anything during the photo session. Also, check for visible tan lines.

Hair and makeup – Ladies, this is a great time to get pampered and schedule a professional session. This can be fun, plus it can help in post-editing. Just don’t go overboard – keep your look close to what you would normally do.

Need a haircut? Ladies should schedule a trim two weeks before photos, and men should get their haircut a week or so before. Need your eyebrows waxed? Do that three to five days before your session.

Now? Just relax and smile! If you’ve done a little bit of planning, the actual photo session should be a breeze. Have a great time – you’re all going to look great!


Still not sure what to wear!? Go to my Pinterest page and check out my album of pinned outfit ideas, or shot me a message I am always happy to help! 🙂

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