Take a look at these!! Fun Styled Shoot :)

Can I just say how proud I am of myself that I went through with something I kept wanting to do and never found time or courage to do so. I had so much fun this summer styling and shooting this styled shoot! Let the photos speak for themselves! Lets talk a second about this amazing cake! I contacted Cakes by Shelly and I was so excited when she said yes. Can I just say not only does it look amazing but it smelled and tasting just as good! Can I add how cute the invitations were! Please go check out SSRM Designs and Photography:)

Those table decorations were all me…except for the gorgeous bridal bouquet those photos are coming next!

Need I say anymore!? This bouquet I just loveeed! I wanted all green but I mean how great would they have looked as well with colors too! A BIG Thank you to Surely Daisies llc out of Montpelier OH.

I just have to laugh I cut down lots of green things from tress and bushes at my house…I ended up with severe case of poison ivy 🙁 I suffered for a good 3 weeks butttt totally worth it!

I can’t forget my models Heidi and Bryan THEY ROCK! They were wonderful to work with and they are great friends! I was so excited when she said YES. I was just as excited too when AnnaSkoblikova agreed to send me a dress to use for the shoot. I fell in love with the dress! P.S. SERIOUSLY how gorgeous is Heidi!?!?

Lets just say as perfect as everything was we ended the evening totally wet but it made for a beautiful shot! Vendor Credit:

Dress: AnnaSkoblikova

Cake: Cakes by Shelly

Bridal Bouquet: Surley Daisies LLC

Invitations: SSRM Designs and Photography

Photos: Lauren Beers Photography 

Models Heidi and Bryan Stambaugh

Thank you to everyone involved! 🙂

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