Should You Do A First Look on Your Wedding Day

A question that comes up time and time again with my couples is whether or not they should do a first look on the day of their wedding. A first look is amazing part of your wedding day! A first look is a chance for a couple to see each other before the wedding ceremony. There’s lots of reasons to absolutely consider doing a first look, but I also understand it’s a break from tradition. I always want my couples to feel comfortable and confident with whatever they choose for their wedding day! So today, I’m sharing a few reasons you should consider a first look on your wedding day. But, remember, the choice is ALWAYS up to you!

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First looks give you more time together!

Probably the biggest reason to consider a first look is because you, the newlyweds, get more time together! Wedding days are notoriously hectic. I know so many brides who have told me they don’t remember half of the day because they were so busy seeing everyone and celebrating. A first look would allow you to have extra time with your spouse before the party begins. You’ll be able to take in the day slowly, together, and share some quiet time before everyone wants to say hello. What’s better than that?!


They also give you more photos!

Okay, okay. This might be MY favorite reason for a first look. Because you’re going to see each other earlier in the day, we have more time for portraits! We can capture photos before and after the ceremony (if you want) and at multiple locations. Since we’re less strapped for time after the ceremony, we can go to that second location you were thinking about or find a hidden spot at your venue. Additionally, we can take care of your family portraits and bridal party portraits all before the ceremony, too. Which means the standard “after ceremony shuffle” that happens will be gone. No more stressing about getting all of the family photos done before the cocktail hour starts.


You can enjoy your party!

Speaking of the cocktail hour, with a first look, you’ll actually be able to attend your cocktail hour and all of your reception (unless you want to sneak out for sunset photos, which I am ALL for). Because all of your family portraits and even newlywed portraits will be done before the ceremony, you can actually go straight from the ceremony to cocktail hour if you want! And if you go to cocktail hour, you can probably sit down and enjoy your dinner during the meal – instead of walking around to see everyone. I’m all about creating a more relaxed experience for my couples. Of course, we can also do more photos if you want during cocktail hour or you can just relax together quietly! The options are endless.

In all seriousness, I’ve found that wedding days with a first look on the timeline run a lot more smoothly. The time between the ceremony and the reception is much less stressful and my couples have more time together on an otherwise busy day. While all of this sounds amazing, I also know it’s a break from tradition. So if you’re a more traditional couple, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to not have a first look!

No matter what, we’ll build you a timeline that will work for YOU both and the day you envision. But, if you’re trying to decide if a first look is right for you, I hope I’ve convinced you it’s worth thinking about seriously!

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