Do You Need an Engagement Session?

Toledo Ohio engagement session

One of the questions I’m asked all the time as a wedding photographer is whether or not my clients actually need their engagement session. Whether they’re not super comfortable with photos or just hope to save a little money, I totally get why they ask! But, as a photographer, I want to encourage you to think about actually keeping your engagement session on the schedule. Today, I’m sharing three reasons that you need an engagement session!

Toledo Ohio engagement session

Why You Need an Engagement Session:

Get to know your photographer!

Your wedding photographer is a vendor that’s going to spend 99% of your wedding day with you. An engagement session will help you all feel a bit more comfortable together. You’ll get a feel for their posing, their shooting style, and help you ease into having your photo taken. I love getting to connect with my couples during their engagement portraits. I learn more about them and their love story and we just have a great time!

Have photos to use from your engagement session!

Beyond the day you got engaged, it’s not likely you have a ton of great photos together… you know, good lighting, both of you looking nice, that kind of thing! An engagement session will provide you with a variety of images of you both at your best and these can be used throughout your wedding planning. Whether you need images for save the dates, invitations, or your wedding website, they’ll come in handy! Plus, it’s nice to just have images of you both together during this special time of your relationship.

Celebrate together!

Wedding planning is stressful! Take a night to just be together as an engaged couple and celebrate your upcoming wedding. Not only are you going to spend time being together and celebrating with the photos, but you’ll be all dressed up and ready for a date night! Take advantage of the time you’ve blocked off for your portraits and turn it into a wedding planning-free night and relax. You’ve been working hard!

No matter what you decide, engagement sessions can play an important role in the wedding planning process. I always encourage my clients to book one – but it’s always up to them at the end of the day! I hope these three points help you understand why you need an engagement session. Happy wedding planning!

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